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4th-Nov-2011 02:20 pm - Well, I'll Be Damned (Prologue)

A/N: Not beta-ed yet. =x


The end of TVXQ should not have been a surprise. After all, they were well aware of an idol group’s expiration date. The five-year curse. They had been the “Gods Rising from the East”, a name that somehow made them appear invincible. They should’ve lasted forever. But they crashed and burned, quintet broken into three and two. It was inevitable.

The second coming of TVXQ was still successful. But after reaping year-end awards, after shedding tears of joy and accomplishment, Changmin wanted out. And he wanted out immediately. And Yunho, bless him, did everything to make that possible.

It wasn’t difficult. JYJ had been on the right side, if there really was such a thing. They were under an unfair contract, not really bordering on slavery as some people believed, but still unjust enough to give them a way out. Some calls here and there and they were free.

It was a quiet affair. The duo didn’t want to make a mess out of their retirement. A hiatus. That’s what they told the public in a broadcasted press conference. But somewhere in the SM building their contracts were being stamped with a big, red NULL AND VOID.

* * * * *
“What do we do now?”  Changmin lay flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. He was bored. When he decided to quit being a celebrity, Changmin didn’t exactly prepare a contingency plan. Yunho was merely waiting for the issue to simmer down before continuing his career as a solo artist. Changmin, on the other hand, had no plans for his life.  He was currently young, rich and utterly bored.

“I don’t know.” Yunho replied nonchalantly, flipping through a back issue of GQ Korea. “Should we go on a trip?”

Changmin sat up to stare at his best friend. Oh yeah.

He was actually free to do that now.

“But where do we go?”

Yunho looked up from the magazine. “I hear Greece is nice this time of year.”

4th-Nov-2011 10:58 am - Well, I'll Be Damned
Title : Well, I'll Be Damned
Pairing : OT5, bff!HoMin (and maybe broken!YunJae)
Genre : Supernatural
Rating : PG-13.
Disclaimer : Loosely based on Jonathan L. Howard’s Johannes Cabal: The Necromancer.
Summary : At 25, Shim Changmin was a retired idol with too much free time. At 26, he decided to sell his soul to learn the secrets of necromancy. But a series of failed experiments prompted him to make a second deal with the devil. 100 souls in one year as an exchange for his own. With the help of Yunho, who also faced his own demons, Changmin prowled the streets of Seoul in search of souls to sign away to Hell. Now, Changmin and Yunho are down to their last three souls. And with only 24 hours left, they are racing against the clock. But when their ex-members come knocking at their door, they are faced with a dilemma. Willing to do anything for forgiveness, Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun are the perfect candidates to complete the collection. But will Changmin send the three into eternal damnation?

Chapter 1: In which Changmin and Yunho travel to Greece and come back as changed men
Chapter 2: In which Changmin goes down to Hell and strikes another deal with Satan
Chapter 3: In which Changmin asks help from the only person he trusts
Chapter 4: In which 364 days have passed and Changmin is still 3 souls short (and he just can't be picky anymore)
Chapter 5: In which JYJ pays Changmin and Yunho a visit
Chapter 6: In which old wounds are opened
Chapter 7: In which Changmin completes the collection

 So this is part 1 of my fan account for the JYJ album showcase. ^^ I'm still in the process of writing part 2. Sorry if it gets too spazzy and random. xD I wasn't able to spazz after the event for various reasons. So it's only beginning to sink in that I finally saw them after so many years.

to the fan account...Collapse )
24th-Jan-2009 08:47 pm - [00] 1st post

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